La Vallinetta Riserva DOC

Type: CONTROLLED DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN MONTEREGIO DI MASSA MARITTIMA ROSSO RISERVA. 2 years of ageing, 6 months of which in wooden barriques
Grape Blend: Sangiovese 80% Ciliegiolo 10% Canaiolo 5% Cabernet Sauvignon 5%
Grape yield 100kg/ha: 70
Average annual production (in HL): 30
Alcohol content: 14% vol
Colour: The wine is limpid, a bright ruby red color
Fragrance: Pleasantly fruity, harmonious wine with hints of red berries and black cherries in alcohol
Flavour: The wine’s flavor is warm, flavorful and intense, persistent, soft, pleasantly rich in sweet tannins, balanced and full-bodied
Serving temperature: 18°C
Serve with: Suitable for traditional Tuscan dishes such as the classic Florentine Steak and game. Also excellent with mature Tuscan Pecorino and Reggiano Parmesan cheeses


La Vallinetta Riserva DOC


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