Vineyards and olive trees go on in spite of everything

At Pupillo, after the last long, rainy winter, during springtime we work on the vineyards that have just woken from the winter slumber and start to produce new bunches of grapes. Our staff carry out new vegetation work, and this year we have chosen to support the vines’ production effort with natural fertilization that restores the soil's organic substances: green manure from legumes that comprises sowing the legumes between the rows of vines and in May, when they are as tall as the vines, the crops are cut to the ground, feeding the soil thanks to the green part of the organic substance and thanks to the roots that have naturally inserted nitrogen into the soil. In June, the grapes are thinned out and the excess bunches are cut to produce a better-quality harvest.

vigneto del pupillo
vigne ed ecosostenibilità del pupillo

environmental sustainability

Il pupillo cultivates its vineyards and olive grove with eco-friendly method of integrated production. With the support of the University of Agriculture of Pisa, we check the presence of possible pathogens in crops and we act only when the damage threshold is exceeded by choosing measures to allow a lower environmental impact to ensure healthier products and environment.

Walking in the vineyards

Walking in the Il Pupillo vineyards in April, you will find grass. Il Pupillo does not use weedkillers, so that our customers have healthier wines and oils. For many years now, we have chosen not to have aesthetically perfect vineyards. In fact, what may seem like weeds, are in fact an eco-sustainable agronomic choice, green manure.


Is an agronomic practice that naturally enriches the soil with nitrogen and organic matter, reducing the use of synthetic chemical compost. By using the free-growing and sown grass, such as field beans, by mixing it into the soil to enrich it. Sustainable wine-growing is possible, and comes from careful choices made by the producers to protect the consumers.

sovescio pupillo


The Il Pupillo wine producers currently also has around 830 olive trees in two parts of the farm: Pupillo and Vallinetta.
Pupillo e Vallinetta.


On average the farm produces around 15,000 kilograms of olives each year, which yield around 2,000 litres of top quality extra virgin olive oil. We grow the following varieties: around 75% Frantoio, around 10% Leccino, and the rest Moraiolo. The oil produced from the daily milling of the olives picked by hand in the months of October and November is a high quality product which respects the typical characteristics of the olive varieties used. For several years, the company has been selecting a small quantity of Leccino olives in order to make a single variety oil with a very unusual fragrance and taste.


Al tempo stesso produciamo anche una piccola selezione di olii arricchiti dall’infusione con essenze prodotte nella azienda stessa
(Salvia, Basilico, Rosmarino, Menta, Peperoncino).

olii aromatizzati